Semblance - Darkroom Gallery

A photograph taken from my series Dispatch: Shanghai has been selected to participate in the group exhibition Semblance at Darkroom Gallery. Curated by David Carol, the show aims to thread a variety of works around the theme of portraiture. As Carol writes,

... for me a photograph of a “thing” posing in front of camera is not the only definition of a portrait. Like with all good photographs a good portrait has to first be interesting and have an opinion. By this I mean as soon as you see the picture you must be compelled to look at it for more than a moment and in some way become involved with the image.

The work on display is a colour print of a girl I photographed on the Shanghai subway in 2014. The exhibition is on show 23 April - 17 May at Darkroom's gallery located in Essex, Vermont. My deep thanks to David Carol and Darkroom for supporting my work.

Taken from the series Dispatch: Shanghai (Shanghai, 2014)